C-CEMG-EPPI Cost Converter

This free online tool - primarily intended for use by systematic review authors and/or health economists - enables the conversion of a cost estimate that is reported in one ‘source’ currency and price year into its equivalent value in another ‘target’ currency and price year (e.g. 2019 International Dollars (USD)). See Shemilt 2010 for further information.

EPPI-Reviewer Economic Evaluations Classifier

The EPPI-Centre is developing a machine learning tool - powered by archived NHS Economic Evaluation Database screening data - that automatically assigns probability scores to batches of ’unseen’ title-abstract records, based on the likelihood that each record reports a health economic evaluation (i.e. a cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-utility analysis, or cost-benefit analysis). The current version of this tool is integrated into EPPI-Reviewer software (which is freely available to all Cochrane review authors - click here for further information) and is available for use by registered EPPI-Reviewer users, on request, via e-mail:

Conduct and reporting standards

We are currently in the process of developing conduct and reporting standards for both BECs and IFSREEs, based on the Methodological Expectations of Cochrane Intervention Reviews (MECIR) template, format and style. These tools, which are intended primarily for use by Cochrane review author teams and editorial bases - including affiliated health economists - will be posted here once approved for use by the relevant Cochrane committees.

Brief Economic Commentary Workshop

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Incorporating economics into your protocol

Part 1

Handout 1 - Summary of data components

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Incorporating economics into your protocol

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