Living Systematic Review Symposium Speakers' Presentations


Julian Elliott

Lead, Evidence Systems, Cochrane.

Head of Clinical Research, Dept of Infectious Diseases, Alfred Hospital and Monash University.

Senior Research Fellow Cochrane Australia.

Introduction to Living Systematic Reviews

This presentation provides the rationale for Living Systematic Reviews and describes how they fit into the ‘new evidence ecosystem’. It touches on how they are defined, when they might be appropriate and the ways in which they differ from other types of reviews.

Session 1: Searching and study identification

Steve McDonald

Co-director Cochrane Australia / Project Transform,

Monash University

What study identification looks like with Living Systematic Reviews

This presentation describes the key points of difference with searching for Living Systematic Reviews, highlights the different approaches that are currently being used, and proposes what additional information should be reported in a Living Systematic Review protocol.

James Thomas

Associate Director, EPPI-Centre and Director of the EPPI-Centre's Reviews Facility for the Department of Health, England.

Professor of Social Research and Policy, UCL Institute of Education, London. Co-lead Project Transform

The Evidence Pipeline

This presentation describes the new innovations within Cochrane related to study identification that will streamline review production and enhance efficiency.

Session 2: Statistical implications

Mark Simmonds

Medical Statistician, Research Fellow Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, University of York

Statistical methods for reliably updating meta-analyses

This presentation provides an update of Mark Simmonds’ work, empirically testing the different methods for controlling for Type I error in updated meta-analyses, and considers their implications for Living Systematic Reviews.

Georgia Salanti

Head of Research Group Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM) & Clinical Trials Unit (CTU), University of Bern

Planning future studies based on living network meta-analysis

This presentation describes how network meta-analyses can be living and the way in which such approaches can inform future trial design.

Session 3: Publishing and production approaches

Harriet MacLehose

Senior Editor, Cochrane Editorial Unit

Solving the Cochrane Living Systematic Review publishing puzzle

This presentation explains how protocols and new and updated Cochrane reviews are identified and linked on the Cochrane Library. It also explores the possible options for communicating to the reader both ‘what’s happening’ and ‘what’s new’ with a Living Systematic Review.

Anneliese Synnot

Research Fellow, Cochrane Australia, Monash University and Research Fellow & Editor, Cochrane Consumers and Communication, La Trobe University

Production implications of Living Systematic Reviews

This presentation describes how the production a Living Systematic Review involves a small ongoing effort, rather than infrequent large efforts. The implications for review authors, editors and peer reviewers is considered, along with the technological enablers that exist to streamline review production.

Session 4: Cochrane Living Systematic Review pilot

Anneliese Synnot

Research Fellow, Cochrane Australia, Monash University and Research Fellow & Editor, Cochrane Consumers and Communication, La Trobe University

Proposed Cochrane pilot Living Systematic Review model
This presentation outlines the key elements of the proposed Cochrane Living Systematic Review model that is currently being piloted. It explains how the Update Classification System can be used to manage more minor updates and outlines the four Living Systematic Review scenarios that can result each time the searches are re-run.

Elie Akl

Associate Professor of Medicine, Director, Clinical Epidemiology Unit, Co-Director WHO Center for Systematic Reviews in Health Policy and Health Systems Research, American University of Beirut

The American Society of Hematology (ASH) and Cochrane Living Systematic Review pilot

This presentation describes ones of the key drivers of Living Systematic Reviews, the need for up to date, or even living, clinical guidelines. It provides more information about the project to update the American Society of Hematology guidelines, which led to the development of Cochrane’s pilot Living Systematic Reviews.