Methods Executive

The Methods Executive provides a leadership forum within Cochrane and ensures that all key methodological roles are able to meet and liaise. It provides an advisory role to the Editor in Chief and other Cochrane governance committees, as well as supporting the Methods Groups and wider methods community in Cochrane. The Methods Executive has the following members:
  • Michael Brown (Editor of Cochrane Evidence Synthesis and Methods)
  • Cinzia Del Giovane (Council Methods Representative) 
  • Chantelle Garritty (Rapid Reviews)
  • Su Golder (Adverse Effects)
  • Tianjing Li (Comparing Multiple Interventions, Handbook Editor) 
  • Silvia Minozzi (Council Methods Representative) 
  • Carl Moons (Prognosis) 
  • Jane Noyes (Editorial Board)
  • Matt Page (Bias)
  • Areti Angeliki Veroniki (Statistics)
The current Co-Chairs of the Methods Executive are Tianjing Li (Comparing Multiple Interventions) and Areti Angeliki Veroniki (Statistics). There are four ex-officio roles: Methods Implementation Editor (Ingrid Arevalo-Rodriguez), Methods Support Unit Manager (Rachel Richardson), Head of Editorial Policy and Research Integrity (Ella Flemyng) and Head of Engagement, Learning and Support (TBC). 


Previous members of the Methods Executive: Joanne McKenzie (Statistics, until 2023), Holger Sch√ľnemann (GRADEing, until 2022);  Sarah Nevitt (Council Representative; 2020-2022); Miranda Langendam (Council Representative; 2017-2021); Julian Higgins (Senior Methods Advisor; until January 2020); Yemisi Takwoingi (Council Representative; until December 2019), Carol Lefebvre (Information Retrieval; until December 2019), Ian Shemilt (Economics; until 2018), Isabelle Boutron (Bias; until 2018), Sally Hopewell (Methodology Reviews; until 2018) and Mariska Leeflang (Diagnostic Test Accuracy; until 2018).