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How to join the Cochrane Statistical Methods Group

Membership of the Cochrane Statistical Methods Group is open to people who have a strong interest in meta-analysis and Cochrane (who may or may not be involved with Cochrane reviews). Members of the Cochrane Statistics Methods Group communicate via the discussion list (more details below).

To apply to join the Cochrane Statistical Methods Group, please sign up to 'Join Cochrane' here or in the top navigation bar. On the webform you can indicate whether you want to join as a full member, or as mailing list (for information purposes) only member. Once you are a full member, you can also subscribe to the discussion list.  

SMG discussion list

The SMG list provides a forum for discussion of statistical issues relevant to Cochrane reviews for Cochrane Statistical Methods Group members. We also encourage discussion of editorial and other issues encountered by statisticians supporting Collaborative Review Groups. The SMG list is also used to keep up to date with SMG meetings, publications, etc. It is permissible for list members to advertise jobs on the list, provided that they are related to systematic reviews/evidence synthesis and Cochrane activities. All communications should be sent using regular email text (no attachments). There is not a lot of traffic on the list at present, so joining the list should not add substantially to your email inbox.

We want to foster discussion, debate, learning, and wide participation. Please be respectful and polite in your communication, so as not to deter or offend other contributors. Breaches of these guidelines will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the Cochrane Statistical Methods Convenors, and may result in removal from the list.

For details about how to post to the SMGlist, or how to unsubscribe from the list, please go to:

To read the archives of messages posted to the SMGlist, please go to: or use the link above to obtain your password and access the archives from there.


We are now on Twitter. Please follow us @CochraneStats and tag us in any relevant work or training events.

List of methodological publications

If you are a member of the Cochrane Methods Statistics group and want to add some of your methodological papers to our list of publications, please go to publications and use the online form linked there, or write an e-mail to Joanne McKenzie