Cochrane Colloquium 2018

Slides from the 25th Cochrane Colloquium in Edinburgh 2018

Annual Bias Methods Group Open Meeting

Held at 17 September 07.30-08.45

Asbjørn HróbjartssonBias Methods Group Report: presentation of recent activities by the groupSlides
Jonathan Sterne, Jelena Savovic, Julian HigginsLaunching the new Cochrane tool for assessing risk of bias in randomised trialsSlides
Joel GagnierBias associated with patient reported outcome measuresSlides
Andreas LundhThe TACIT project: development of a tool for addressing conflicts of interest in trialsSlides

David Moher Cochrane Methods Symposium: Bias and Beyond

Held at 15 September 13.30-17.00

Further description of the symposium and slides are available here.