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  • Posted 6 August 2019.The ‘CONSORT 2010 statement: extension to randomised crossover trials’ published last month in The BMJ (the original CONSORT 2010 Statement can be found here). Leading a team of researchers on this work was Dr Kerry Dwan, Statistical Editor from the Cochrane Editorial and Methods Department, who is the first author on the...
    August 6 2019
  • Re-posted on 26 July 2019 (originally posted on Cochrane Community).Here at Cochrane we are delighted to hear that Professor Julian Higgins has received the 2019 Extraordinary Service Award at the Society for Research Synthesis Methodology 2019 Annual Meeting.The Extraordinary Service Award (also called the Shadish Award) is named for Professor...
    July 26 2019
  • Posted 22 July 2019We seek nominations to a vacant position on the Cochrane Methods Executive, to start in October 2019 at the Santiago Colloquium. Please note the deadline is *Friday 23 August 2019*.What is the Methods Executive? The Methods Executive provides a leadership forum and general oversight on key methodological roles and methods-...
    July 21 2019
  • Following a consultation meeting on using clinical study reports in Cochrane Reviews, held on 16 May 2019, Ella Flemyng, Methods Implementation Coordinator at Cochrane, shares details and the minutes from the meeting, as well as highlight plans for taking the project forward in Cochrane. A recent Cochrane Methods Innovation Funded (MIF)...
    June 20 2019
  • Following the development of the Risk of Bias 2 (RoB 2) tool, Cochrane will be rolling it out on new reviews in 2020. Here, Ella Flemyng, Methods Implementation Coordinator at Cochrane, highlights plans for the implementation of RoB 2 in Cochrane. Posted on 21 June 2019.Our confidence in the results of research studies is affected by how they...
    May 7 2019
  • Do you want to see a new method or tool being used in Cochrane reviews? The Cochrane Scientific Committee request methodological items from the community to discuss for future implementation - full details & how to submit here:
    February 26 2019
  • February 6 2019
  • February 6 2019
  • We are delighted to announce the appointment of Ella Flemyng as the new Methods Implementation Co-ordinator.  Ella joins Cochrane from BMC (part of Springer Nature) where she was a publishing editor and journal manager working on a cluster of methodology journals, which included journals like Systematic Reviews and Trials. She also...
    January 10 2019
  • link to statement
    December 10 2018


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