Evidence for Equity seeks to highlight which interventions work and which don’t work (and may be harmful) and to provide this information to people making decisions about health to improve health equity.

On this page you'll find links to summaries of systematic reviews of interventions for malaria treatment and prevention. Click on the icons in the table below.

These interventions are influenced by personal characteristics captured by the acronym PROGRESS-Plus including place of residence Place of Residence, socioeconomic status Socioeconomic status, and additional characteristics such as age PlusRead more about PROGRESS-Plus.

Reduce mortalityPrevent malariaPrompt treatment
Insecticide-treated nets and curtainsChildrenBabies
Artesunateman woman baby
Mosquito larval source managementman woman baby child
Drugs for pregnant womenwoman baby
Home or community-based careChildrenman woman child
Adult femaleAdult female
Adult maleAdult male