Mental Health


Evidence for Equity seeks to highlight which interventions work and which don’t work (and may be harmful) and to provide this information to people making decisions about health to improve health equity.

On this page you'll find links to summaries of systematic reviews of interventions for improving mental health. Click on the icons in the table below.

These interventions are influenced by personal characteristics captured by the acronym PROGRESS-Plus including place of residencce Place of Residence, gender/sex Gender / sex, and additional characteristics such as age PlusRead more about PROGRESS-Plus.

Depression responseAnxiety responsePositive mental healthDepression symptomsPrevention of PTSD
Antidepressantsman and woman
Collaborative Careman and womanman and woman
Kinship careChildren
Psychological and psychosocial interventions (postpartum)Adult female
Relaxationman women adolescent
Single session psychological debriefingdoes not work

Adult femaleAdult female
Adult maleAdult male
Does not work for female adultsDoes not work for female adults
Does not work for male adultsDoes not work for male adults