Stakeholder Engagement in Guideline Development

Peter Tugwell and our team have received funding to develop guidance about how to identify, engage, and involve stakeholders (including patients, practitioners, policy-makers, research funders, etc.) in guideline development. 

The project includes a team of over 100 stakeholders internationally, called the MuSE Consortium

MuSE Publications

Petkovic J, Riddle A, Akl EA, Khabsa J, Lytvyn L, Atwere P, Campbell P, et al. Protocol for the development of guidance for stakeholder engagement in health and healthcare guideline development and implementation. Systematic Reviews. 2020;9:21. 

Frank L, Morton SC, Guise JM, Jull J, Concannon TW, Tugwell P. Engaging patients and other non-researchers in health research: defining research engagement. J Gen Intern Med. 2020;35(1):307-314.

Concannon TW, Grant S, Welch V, Petkovic J, Selby J, Crowe S, Synnot A, Greer-Smith R, Mayo-Wilson E, Tambor E, Tugwell P for the MuSE Consortium. Practical guidance for involving stakeholders in health research. J Gen Intern Med.2019 34(3):456-463.


project overview

MuSE Presentations

Listen to Joanne Khabsa and Lyuba Lytvyn present on the MuSE Consortium: a strategy to equitably engage diverse stakeholders to create guidance for multi-stakeholder engagement in guideline development

MuSE Project Updates

June 2020: PDF

January 2020: PDF

October 2019: PDF

May 2019: PDF

November 2018: PDF

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