MuSE Stakeholder Groups

Types of Interest Holders

The '10 Ps':

  1. Patients, Patient Organizations, Caregivers 
  2. Public --- The general population within a defined geographic area, excluding patients, caregivers and health professionals, living or working with the condition of interest 
  3. Providers --- Persons - and their professional associations - who provide health care in a professional capacity (i.e. front line health workers - clinicians, pharmacists, a person who is qualified and allowed by regulatory bodies to provide a health care service)
  4. Payers of health services/Purchasers --- Individuals, organizations and entities that pay for health services (e.g. provincial health plan, purchasers of drugs and devices, Kaiser (HMO), public health system, private insurers)
  5. Policymakers --- Individuals, organizations and entities that craft public or private policy (on health) at any level of government (e.g. politicians, national, provincial, state, or local, scientific advisors)
  6. Program managers ---  Managers/directors, entities, organizations, individuals who plan, lead, oversee, or deliver any program that provides public health, community services, or clinical care.
  7. Product makers – drugs, devices, procedures 
  8. Payers of research --- Organizations or entities which fund health research programs or projects. For example, government funders and philanthropic foundations.
  9. Principal investigators --- Individuals, organizations, and associations that conduct or advocate health research (i.e. researchers and all members of the research team)
  10. Peer Review Editors --- Individuals who manage peer review or edit peer reviewed research