MuSE Stakeholder Groups


Our stakeholder surveys are now closed. However, we are still seeking stakeholder opinions about how and when each stakeholder group should be engaged with in the Guideline Development Process. If you're interested in participating in interviews or focus groups, please contact Olivia

Please see Stakeholder Group pages for more information about each of these groups. 

Stakeholder Groups

  1. Patients, Patient Organizations, Caregivers 
  2. Public --- The general population within a defined geographic area, excluding patients, caregivers and health professionals, living or working with the condition of interest 
  3. Providers --- Persons - and their professional associations - who provide health care in a professional capacity (i.e. front line health workers - clinicians, pharmacists, a person who is qualified and allowed by regulatory bodies to provide a health care service)
  4. Payers of health services/Purchasers --- Individuals, organizations and entities that pay for health services (e.g. provincial health plan, purchasers of drugs and devices, Kaiser (HMO), public health system, private insurers)
  5. Policymakers --- Individuals, organizations and entities that craft public or private policy (on health) at any level of government (e.g. politicians, national, provincial, state, or local, scientific advisors)
  6. Program managers ---  Managers/directors, entities, organizations, individuals who plan, lead, oversee, or deliver any program that provides public health, community services, or clinical care.
  7. Product makers – drugs, devices, procedures 
  8. Payers of research --- Organizations or entities which fund health research programs or projects. For example, government funders and philanthropic foundations.
  9. Principal investigators --- Individuals, organizations, and associations that conduct or advocate health research (i.e. researchers and all members of the research team)
  10. Peer Review Editors --- Individuals who manage peer review or edit peer reviewed research