MuSE February 2021

We have provided links on this page to all meeting materials.

  1. Welcome, Meeting Rules, and Participant Biographies and Photos: PDF

  2. Meeting Agenda: PDF
    updated FRIDAY agenda

  3. Jamboard (online whiteboard): Please see email for link

Essential Reading:

GIN McMaster Guideline Development Checklist 
- short videos as well as checklist,
        1.1 CMAJ paper (PDF)
        1.2  Table of 18 Topics 

        1.3 Short videos
                - How to navigate the online guideline checklist
                - How to use the checklist PDF
        1.4 GIN-McMaster Guideline Development website

Additional Material

1. MuSE Project Intro Slides

2. Summary of Stakeholder Group input (in order of their discussion in the agenda): 
        Program Managers
        Payers of Health Services / Purchasers
        Peer Review Editors
        Principal Investigators

3. MuSE Project Protocol 

4. Preliminary Systematic review results: 
          Existing Guidance and Barriers and FacilitatorsDRAFT PDF 
        Managing Conflicts of Interest - draft
        Review of Guideline Handbooks - slides

5. Example template for the guidance checklist we aim to produce: PDF

6. Guideline Examples - indicating how stakeholder have been engaged in published guidelines in the various steps of the process.
        Immigrant and Refugee Health
        Chest Imaging for COVID-19 Patient
        Community health workers programs (TBC)
        ASH Venous Thromboembolism (TBC)
        Screening and vaccination for infectious diseases in newly arrived migrants (TBC)

7. Stakeholder Identification 

Meeting minutes

We will use Google docs to record the meeting notes. We have sent you the link by email.

Zoom Etiquette and Meeting Ground Rules

  • Please mute your microphone when not speaking
  • Please change your zoom name to your first name, last name, country 
  • Please raise the hand icon if you want to contribute/respond to the current topic of discussion
  • Please write a comment in the chat if you want to raise a new issue to the current topic of discussion
  • Please keep your camera on. If you decide to turn it off please turn it on when you are speaking
  • Participate in discussions, provide feedback, raise issues, and solve problems in an open and collaborative manner
  • Draw upon knowledge, personal and professional networks and experience to provide input into discussions and decisions
  • The meeting will be recorded

Zoom 101: tips for successfully using ZoomPDF

Zoom Guide for Meeting Participants (YouTube video)

Definitions of our 10 Ps

Patient - an individual who has the condition of interest

Patient advocates/organizations
 --- an individual or organization concerned with one specific group of disorders

Public – general population excluding patients with the condition of interest and health professionals

Providers – front line health workers - clinicians, pharmacists, a person who is qualified and allowed by regulatory bodies to provide a health care service

Payers of health services/Purchasers – e.g provincial health plan, purchasers of drugs and devices, Kaiser (HMO), public health system, private insurers

Policymakers – politicians, national, provincial, state, or local, scientific advisors

Program managers – e.g. manager of a health care program (e.g. palliative care)

Product makers – drugs, devices, procedures

Payers of research – e.g. government funders, industry funders, foundations

Principal investigators - researchers and all members of the research team

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